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Mayuri at MOR had been running her south-Asian inspired fashion brand for a few years hopping from one popup show and event to another

  • She implemented a fraction of our website structures and boosted conversions by 200% in just 7 days.
  • Then using our ad structures with her existing content she was able to achieve a 5X ROAS on ads

Chris from Nocs Provisions launched his adventure-focused binoculars brand and was sitting around $5-10k/mo

  • Using our tools, he set up our ads structures and went from 0.5X ROAS to 4X ROAS in 2 short months
  • This allowed him to seek more capital and scale with ads.

Kyle at JackHenry was stuck around $3k per month but had an amazing men's skin and hair care product line.

  • He implemented our ad structures and email systems
  • He broke through $10k/mo in just 4 weeks and
  • Scaled up to $50k/mo in just 6 months,
  • All on his own

Ben launched Malama Mushrooms, grew to 7 figures, then struggled to scale.

  • Using our ads systems, he added a quick $3k per month in additional revenue
  • All with no additional ad spend in just 3 weeks.
  • His 7-figure brand increased sales overall by over 10% 

Tyler and his team at Denik built an amazing 8-figure brand which is not a common feat, but there was room to improve:

  • By using our ads methods, his revenue increased by 20% in just 4 months.
  • Resulting in an additional $400k in revenue annually.

Tom and Steven at Osuza had an incredible product with a vision but found it difficult to maintain consistent sales,

  • They used these systems and went from doing $17k a year, to over $17k a month
  • All in a matter of weeks using our ad structures and content systems.

Nick at Boardies built a summer fashion brand and struggled to find profit through advertising.

  • He leveraged our website conversion systems which doubled his conversion rate in under 90 days,
  • Implementing our ads structures allowed him to hit 2X ROAS on ads month after month, in just 14 days
  • All on his own

Kyle and Chris at Indosole had an amazing footwear brand made from recycle tire rubber. They have had great success and were looking to explore ads and better systems for their internal team.

  • Within just 2 weeks, our core ads structures were implemented and instantly doubled their ROAS on ads from 1.5X to 3X.
  • In 3 months their ROAS increased further to 5X, and set their pace to increase revenue by 75X

Jaymie at LngWeeknd had an incredible product with a vision but needed systems to maintain consistent revenue.

  • They used these systems and went from doing $100k a year, to over $100k a month
  • All in a matter of 6 months using our ads systems, content vault and tools.

Harry at Arvin Goods started an impact focused essentials fashion brand, which had proven some sales but was looking for consistency and predictability in their marketing.

  • He implemented our ads formulas and structure, as well as the website tune-up and email funnels
  • Doubled monthly recurring revenue in 90 days.
Thank you comment from a student
heart warming Group message
James found value from the Voya system and the Voya team
Indosole says our team will have your back. They are right!
Thank you comment from a student
James found value from the Voya system and the Voya team
Indosole says our team will have your back. They are right!
heart warming Group message

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