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get our agency's full hiring playbook that helped us and our clients hire over 200 A+ Team Talent


Special Offer $497

You’ve just unlocked the secret sauce of e-commerce success with VoyaOS…

But even the most robust ship needs a skilled crew to navigate through the tumultuous digital waters…

That’s where The Hiring Playbook becomes your trusty first mate.

Let’s face it: hiring can be a minefield. 

You want top talent, the crème de la crème, the folks who’ll take your brand from great to legendary. 

But here’s the rub –

Finding and keeping those gems can be a full-time gig. And expensive? 

Don’t get me started.

We’re talking about sifting through resumes, hours of interviews, and then the big one – accountability. 

Sure, they looked good on paper….

But are they delivering the goods? Is your investment in their skills paying dividends?

Let me tell you a quick story.

I’ve run an agency for the past 8 years.

We paid top dollar for top talent – or so we thought.

Turns out…

Hefty salaries don’t always equate to hefty returns.

We learned the hard way that one wrong hire can cost more than just a salary; it can cost momentum.

And we’re not alone.

Our clients have felt that sting, too –

Pouring funds into a promise that turned out to be a costly lesson.

Enter The Hiring Playbook:
Your Compass in the Hiring Sea.

This isn’t just another HR manual.

It’s the distilled wisdom from years of trial and error

From thousands spent on those who didn’t pan out

And the golden hires that transformed our business.

Here's what it can do:

Here's what's inside:

Value = $1,997

(This is not including what could be saving from wasted salaries ranging from $80,000 to well over $180,000)

It's Not Just Who You Hire, It's How You Hire Them.

Your team is the engine of your e-commerce ship…

The Hiring Playbook ensures you’re not just filling seats – you’re bringing on board the best in the biz.

People who don’t just work for you;

They work WITH you to smash those lofty goals.

And the Best Part?

This isn’t just a one-time read.

It’s a tool you’ll come back to again and again

Refining your team as your brand scales new heights.

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Add The Hiring Playbook to Your Order Now

Don’t let the hiring process be the iceberg to your Titanic.

With The Hiring Playbook:

You’ll have the roadmap to assemble an all-star team

One that’s fully aligned with your brand. 

Your mission.

Driven to deliver…

And committed to your brand’s journey.




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